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Dupree Seasonings LLC

SEATOWN Seafood Seasoning

SEATOWN Seafood Seasoning

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SEATOWN Seafood Seasoning: is one of a kind! We could have chosen to do the basic seafood seasoning blend that everyone else has to offer but that just wouldn't be the authentic Dupree Seasonings way. We had to come with something that brought some contrast, pizzazz and vitality for this one! Giving honor to our city by bringing all the FLAVA! This blend pays homage to Our family's roots as Seattle Natives.

It's SO much of a unique and irresistible flavor for all Seafood and so much more. This can be used in or on all vegetables and meats, soups, chowders, stir-fry's, pasta, marinades, sauces, pizza (especially shrimp pizza...OUR FAV!), salads, just as a topper and more. Best results of flavor when incorporated with oil, or liquid to allow the herbs and spices a full opportunity to hydrate and bloom. Low-sodium, Vegan, Gluten-free, Keto-Friendly, and contains no Fillers or Anti-caking agents. 

Ingredients: Garlic, Onion, Citrus, Black Pepper, Saffron, Roasted Seaweed, Pinch of Celtic Salt.


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