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Welcome to Dupree Seasonings, where every blend is meticulously handcrafted and uniquely tailored to elevate your culinary mealtime (or even just a snack) experience. We believe in savoring the art of seasoning, allowing you to indulge in the exquisite flavors of herbs and spices without overpowering your palate with salt.

We are a Family-owned business, inspired by our Love we share through cooking. We invite you to stay a while and enjoy the purchase of one of our delicious seasoning blends. They are All individually full of flavor, especially when you mix and match their delectable taste together!

Now what's better than Curry!?

It's savory, packed full of flavor, it's irresistible,
tantalizes your taste buds, fulfills your flavor desires and leaves you craving more. The best thing about the twins is that they go with and on Everything!

The “Curry Twins” seasoning blends (Together and Individually) pair well with any curry cuisine, meats, vegetables, bread, sauces, stews and so much more. They are so good you can add them to any dish hot or cold.... Now what are you waiting for? ....It's time to Curry Everything 🎉

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    All orders take 3-5 business days for processing and 7-10 business days for total shipping time within the United States. Additional days may vary during holidays and U.S.P.S. days of closure. If at any reason your order is delayed, we will email you the soonest expected delivery date.

  • Return Policy

    Due to food & safety regulations and quality assurance precautions we provide to and for our customers, we do not except returns. All sales are final.

  • Product Storage Requirements

    Please remember to keep your seasonings stored in a cool and dry area, as Our blends do not contain gluten anticaking agents. If not stored properly as instructed,
    it may cause clumping of the
    herbs and spices. (which may or may not affect the freshness of the product)